Man gets 30 yrs for killing street seller in Florence

Sentence for Senegalese murder doubled for 'futile motives'

(ANSA) - Florence, September 11 - A former typographer got 30 years in jail Wednesday for killing a Senegalese street seller in Florence in March last year.
    The appeals court sentence almost doubled the first-instance sentence of 16 years.
    The second sentence recognised "futile motives", which the first sentence had not.
    Roberto Pirrone killed Idy Diene on Florence's Vespucci bridge.
    The murder sparked days of protests by the Senegalese community in the Tuscan capital.
    Pirrone told police that he had left home planning to commit suicide amid economic problems but then changed his mind and decided to shoot a random passerby so as to go to jail and no longer be a burden on his family.