Hypno-birthing to reduce mother's pain soon in Italy

At Turin's Maurizio hospital from autumn

(ANSA) - Turin, August 14 - The latest births in the British royal family have garnered attention for the hypno-birthing technique, which will soon be available at Turin's Mauriziano Hospital.
    Starting this autumn, some obstetricians will offer the chance to learn self-hypnosis as part of birthing techniques for pain control. The method centers around respiration and relaxation and helps for self-control and pain reduction. It can also reduce the time in labor for the mother by as much as half compared with average times. Both the mother and the newborn benefit, since studies have shown that the technique increases blood flow to the placenta and increases the oxygenation of the baby. About 60% of the population respond well to hypnosis, while 20% can reach a state of hypnosis so deep that surgeries can be performed on them without anaesthesia, while the remaining 20% do not respond to it.