A.Mittal 'studing hypotheses' to avoid furnace closure

'Hypotheses being studied' after prosecutor's order

(ANSA) - Taranto, July 10 - ArcelorMittal's lawyers said Wednesday they are studying initiatives to avoid the closure of the second blast furnace at the former ILVA steel plant ordered Tuesday by Taranto prosecutors.
    The attorneys said have started "studying hypotheses" of initiatives, possibly together with the consortium that took over ILVA last year.
    Unconfirmed sources said a request could be filed to suspend the prosecutor's order although the company has not issued any further comments following the prosecutor's order.
    The order, which concerns one of the plant's three blast furnaces, was issued in connection with the 2015 death of a worker there. The Taranto plant, which is being cleaned up and revamped to save jobs and ease cancer-linked pollution, is the biggest in Europe.