The metals sector is investing in sustainable methods

Companies focusing on practices that minimize waste

(ANSA) - The number, and the level of importance, of the companies that are investing in ecologically correct raw materials and technologies is growing every year, principally because of social-environmental and legislative demands.
    Several markets are focusing on sustainable practices, including the metals sector. As of 2010, the United Nations (UN) established that sustainable development is based on three pillars - economic development, social development and environmental protection. So a company's sustainability policy is carried out via initiatives in these three sectors that are interdependent and support each other. It was confirmed at last year's United Nations Climate Conference, COP24, that the world's companies should no longer just be seen as the "accused" but as indispensable partners for sustainable efforts. "We are always investing in training personnel involved in projects and engineering, as well as in the constant improvement of equipment, manufactured on the basis of research and development and in collaboration with our clients," explained Allan Werner, the director of Reichenbach Equipamentos, a machinery manufacturer. He believes that feedback, together with research and the development of new technologies, make it possible to produce increasingly efficient equipment that guarantees ecologically correct products. Among the moves needed to adopt more sustainable practices, Reichenbach is focusing on quality control and a "strategic vision" for recycling and reusing to reduce waste and get to the point of eliminating it completely. The company is about to launch a rod drawing line - the process used to produce metal bars - with technology that makes it possible to economize and save electricity at the International Fair of Tubes, Valves, Pumps, Connections and Components (Tubotech), which takes place in Sao Paulo October 1-3.
    The event, called by the Brazilian Association of the Metal Tubes and Accessories Industry (Abitam) and organized by Cipa Fiera Milano, will be an opportunity to present the sector's latest trends and innovations. The fair takes place in parallel with the Fuera Internazionale di Fili e Cavi, 4th Wire South America.
    According to Werner, these innovations are not just positive in terms of productivity, but also in terms of production quality and the workplace environment. "The benefits derived from these sustainability policies give even more grounds to seek a constant improvement in manufacturing processes and in the end product," he stressed. In the meantime, he added, the road for fully "green companies" is full of challenges, mainly in terms of the training and awareness of collaborators, suppliers and clients regarding the conservation, maintenance and use of raw materials and manufacturing processes to minimize environmental impact.