No evidence of radioactivity in Fadil organs

First tests on tissues

(ANSA) - Milan, march 21 - No evidence of radioactivity has been found in the organs of key Ruby witness Imane Fadil, who died March 1 after complaining she was poisoned, qualified sources said Thursday after the results of testing on her first tissue samples came in.
    Fadil, a 33-year-old Moroccan model, was a prosecution witness in a witness tampering trial against former three-time premier ane media magnate Silvio Berlusconi.
    Prosecutors say Berlusconi paid women to lie about the nature of his bunga bunga sex parties.
    Berlusconi was initially convicted of paying for sex with underage prostitute and teen runaway exotic dancer Ruby the Heartstealer but eventually acquitted after judges said he could not have known she was a minor.