Tria in favour of income-tax cut

Economy minister says changes should come in gradually

(ANSA) - Rome, September 11 - Economy Minister Giovanni Tria said Tuesday that he was in favour of making a start on cutting income tax as the government continues to work on its 2019 budget law. "It is necessary to find the space, in a very gradual way, to make a start with... an initial reduction of household income rates," Tria said.
    "It is necessary to look at how compatible this is with the budget, but I am highly in favour of making a start". The League-5-Star Movement government has pledged to bring in a two-tier flat tax.
    "Today there is a complex array of rates, high rates, a mass of tax expenditures," Tria told an event organized by artisans association Confartigianato. "You can't tell who wins and who loses. The flat tax should be financed with the tax expenditures.
    "It's a complex process and it needs time".