Rome to introduce 'anti-seagull' bins

New York Times article highlighted birds' presence in capital

(ANSA) - Rome, September 5 - Rome is working to introduce new rubbish bins in the capital to stop brazen seagulls looting food from the trash, city environment chief Pinuccia Montanari said on Wednesday.
    The announcement follows an article in the New York Times on the big presence of gulls in the capital and their sometimes aggressive behavior. "The mayor's cabinet is working to have new iron bins that are not prey to seagulls, like today's are," Montanari told reporters on the fringes of a conference.
    "The first interventions will be in the centre and then spread to other areas". Montanari linked the gulls' behavior to the closure of the Malagrotta dump and mooted the idea of using products that, in tests, made most of the birds exposed to them infertile.