Funds for basic income in budget - Di Maio

Labour, Industry Minister says first act to be 'dignity decree'

(ANSA) - Rome, June 14 - Labour and Industry Minister Luigi Di Maio said Thursday that the next budget law will include funding for a new 'basic income' benefit. The so-called citizenship income for jobseekers is part of the new government's programme and it was a key pledge for Di Maio's 5-Star Movement (M5S) in the campaign for the March 4 general election. Di Maio told RTL radio that his first move will be to pass a "dignity decree" addressing four issues concerning the world of labour and business. This will include measures to make life easier for companies, such as the elimination of the 'spending-metre' system, a clampdown in companies who move production to outside Italy, action to prevent job insecurity and a ban on advertising for gambling. He also reiterated that the M5S-Legaue government intends to take action to cut State pensions of over 5,000 euros a month.