Roma mafia clans targeted in Latina operation (3)

25 people arrested, electoral corruption among charges

(ANSA) - Rome, June 12 - Italian police staged a massive operation on Tuesday to break up a mafia organization that used violence and intimidation on victims in the city of Latina, some 60km south of Rome, sources said. Some 25 people were arrested in the operation and seven of them have been charged with mafia association.
    The sources said the suspects were members of a clan of Roma ethnicity, the Di Silvios, that operated in Latina's Campo Boario quarter.
    They face criminal charges that include election corruption, according to the sources.
    The Di Silvios allegedly tried to buy elections in 2016 in Latina and nearby Terracina.
    They allegedly got many drug addicts to vote for candidates who did not make it, police said, with each vote costing 30 euros.
    Some 250 police officers were involved in the operation.