Universiade: Naples mayor vows 'clean' event management

'Others back away from Olympics, but positive effect with us'

(ANSA) - Naples, May 23 - Naples Mayor Luigi de Magistris has said the 2019 Universiade World University Games to be hosted in the city will be "the biggest sporting event for years in Italy, and one of the biggest in Europe", and he vowed that Naples would manage the event successfully.
    "In Naples we know how to work as a team with other institutions and how to manage public funds with clean hands, therefore, we will overcome this challenge," he said.
    "Others have backed away from the Olympics thinking that it would be an opportunity for corruption and wasting of public money," he said, referring to Rome and its decision to withdraw its 2024 Olympics bid.
    "We think that in Naples, spending a lot less money, we can host the Universiade well, with an extraordinary return in terms of sporting facilities, with an extremely strong return for the image of the city and of Italy, and also a social return, because the temporary housing at the athletes' village will then be made available for housing emergencies in our area," he said.