Cut working hours to create jobs - M5S

Without lowering pay, to cope with long-term robotization

(ANSA) - Rome, March 12 - Working hours should be cut without cutting pay to boost employment, the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement's (M5S) labour minister candidate Pasquale Tridico said Monday. "The first step will be the reduction of working hours at wage parity, so as to increase employment and incentivise the productive reorganisation of businesses," said Tridico, who was announced like the other prospective M5S ministers before the March 4 general election where the M5S got 32% of the vote to become by far Italy's top party.
    The issue of creating jobs in Italy should be tackled "also from the longer-term standpoint of robotization, a challenge that cannot be left to the schizophrenia of the market, but must be managed politically, Tridico said.