Will call Berlusconi to start talks - Salvini (4)

Three legs enough, fourth not needed says League leader

(ANSA) - Rome, January 3 - Anti-euro, anti-migrant League (L) leader Matteo Salvini said Wednesday he would call ex-premier and centre-right Forza Italia (FI) Silvio Berlusconi "today" to start thrashing out a common platform for a centre-right alliance for the March 4 general election. He also said "three legs" were enough for the alliance, rejecting a bid by centrists who supported the left-right government to join the coalition as its fourth leg. The L leader said polls showed "the centre right is close to 40% and will win the March 4 elections, with the League driving the coalition".
    Salvini also said he would demand a "pact" against possible "shady deals" to form a grand-coalition government.
    FI and L are running with a smaller rightwing nationalist group, Brothers of Italy (FdI).