Turin Bistrot of celebrity chef Cannavacciuolo fined

Two people also reported for violating food safety rules

(ANSA) - Turin, December 22 - The Bistro Torino run by Italian celebrity chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo has been fined 1,500 euros after health inspectors found that frozen foods allegedly used in preparation were not correctly indicated on the menus, sources said Friday.
    Restaurant manager Giuseppe Savoia and Cannavacciuolo's wife Cinzia Primatesta, who runs the restaurant chain, were also reported. "There was an asterix missing. The food in the freezer was for us. Stories of this nature make you want to get up and leave," Cannavacciuolo, a judge on the Italian version of reality show Masterchef, told La Stampa. The inspectors also reportedly found raw materials that could not be traced. "The details of the single suppliers had not been written in the restaurant's log book. Clearly in the last three days no one had found the time," Cannavacciuolo said.