Roberto Spada bar closed for security reasons

Ostia clan member being held for attacking RAI journo

(ANSA) - Rome, December 7 - Italian police on Thursday closed for security reasons a bar owned by a member of the Spada clan in Ostia who was recently arrested for headbutting and breaking the nose of a RAI State TV reporter. The bar owned by Roberto Spada had its license revoked for 45 days for "reasons of public order and security", judicial sources said. Roberto Spada is being held for attacking journalist Daniele Piervincenzi while being quizzed about the clan's alleged support for the far-right CasaPound group, which scored an unexpectedly high 9% in recent elections in the Roman coastal municipality.
    Police said the measure was the result of "controls carried out by police during which it was ascertained that the bar was an habitual rendezvous for people with a criminal record, including one under special surveillance".
    During their search, police found bullet holes on an entrance door and a sword, hatchet and stick behind the bar.
    One staff member was cited for illegal weapons possession, police said.