19 arrested in fake-marriage scam for Italian stay permits

At least 15 Moroccan citizens married Italians

(ANSA) - Foggia, December 7 - Carabinieri police arrested 19 people on Thursday, with eight in pre-trial custody in jail and 11 on house arrest, for alleged involvement in a fake-marriage scam. Investigators said the scam involved at least 15 Moroccan citizens marrying Italian citizens in order to acquire entry visas into the country, with costs for arranging the marriages ranging between 7,000 and 10,000 euros each.
    Investigators said the Italians willing to take part in the marriages were allegedly paid 2,000 euros each and given an airline ticket to travel to Morocco to marry a Moroccan citizen, and the couple would then proceed to the Italian Embassy to acquire an entry visa for the Moroccan citizen.
    The suspects are charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration through producing false statements and documents in Italy and abroad.