ANSA portrays year of emotions with annual photo-book

Features images of Rigopiano avalanche, Trump, Vasco Rossi

(ANSA) - Rome, December 6 - Italy's leading news agency ANSA is presenting its popular annual photo-book, Photoansa2017, in Rome on Wednesday.
    The book uses a series of stunning images to bring to life the events, personalities and emotions of the year, with US President Donald Trump, the Rigapiano avalanche, and Francesco Totti's goodbye to football among the many subjects addressed.
    Interior Minister Marco Minniti, British Ambassador to Italy Jill Morris, Tooteko CEO Serena Ruffato and a delegation of firefighters who took part in the Rigapiano rescue effort will take part in Wednesday's presentation at Rome's Aula Ottagona.
    The presentation by ANSA President Giulio Anselmi, CEO Giuseppe Cerbone and Editor-in-Chief Luigi Contu will be shown live via streaming on the website and via the agency's Facebook page.
    Another presentation in Milan on December 11 will feature Beppe Severgnini of the Corriere della Sera newspaper, WWF Italia President Donatella Bianchi, art critic Philippe Daverio and UNICEF Italia spokesperson Andrea Iacomini.
    "The primary achievement of the 13th ANSA photo book is that of portraying moments of our time, with all their pathos, in order to preserve the events, maintaining their identity between news and story, and to prevent the most frequently seen images of our daily existence, the result of attacks or natural disasters, from becoming a monotonous flow of ruin and despair," writes Anselmi in the preface to the book.