Mosaic from Caligula ship returned to Italy

Franceschini announces move thanks to USA, Carabinieri art cops

(ANSA) - Rome, October 20 - Culture Minister Dario Franceschini announced Friday that a mosaic from a ceremonial ship of ancient Roman Emperor Caligula has been returned to Italy by the United States thanks to the work of the Carabinieri art police (TPC). He said the piece is headed to Museum of Roman Ships (Museo delle Navi Romane) at Nemi, near Rome.
    The piece belonged to the bridge of one of two ceremonial ships Caligula, who ruled AD 37-41, had built.
    Franceschini said the U.S. had also returned other pieces from illegal archaeological digs and robberies in Italy.
    "Thanks to the Carabinieri, everything will be put back where it came from," he said.