D'Amico launches 3 75,000-tonne tankers

131-mn-euro investment, built in Vietnam shipyards

(ANSA) - Genoa, October 19 - D'Amico International Shipping is set to launch at its Hyundai Vinashin in Vietnam its first three Long Range 1 (LR1) tankers, with a tonnage of 75,000 tonnes, with an overall investment of 131 million dollars. The Italian engineers of the D'Amico group have collaborated with the South Korean-Vietnamese shipyards to design a new generation of eco-ships, 228m long and 36m wide, able to transport bigger volumes, limiting consumption and CO2 emissions and maintaining a draught similar to smaller ships to exploit the new routes created by the widening of the Panama Canal. With Cielo Bianco, Cielo Rosso and Cielo di Rotterdam, the ships built by D'Amico in Vietnam in the last three years have risen to 13, in a plan of new construction that includes a total of 22 ships and an overall investment of 755 million dollars. "Vietnam is becoming the shipbuilding hub of our fleet," said Paolo d'Amico, president of d'Amico International Shipping.