Strikes plunge Italy into transport black Friday

Protest affects flights, trains, bus and metro

(ANSA) - Rome, June 16 - Strikes called by many transport unions affecting air, train, bus and metro services caused huge disruption throughout Italy on Friday.
    "Unfortunately, it is going to be a black Friday for transport," said Transport Minister Graziano Delrio.
    "We tried to get them to reason, but there will be difficulties". The unions called the action in protest against "privatizations and liberalization of the sector".
    The situation was particularly tough for commuters in Rome, where the strike led to the closure of the metro and big traffic congestion as many people were forced to use their cars to get to work. Alitalia Extraordinary Commissioner Luigi Gubitosi blasted the strike, which he said will cause the troubled airline to cancel 160 of its 620 flights scheduled for the day. "Strikes on Friday in summer are irresponsible," he said.
    "Our first 15 flights of the day went ahead as normal and all the intercontinental services will fly. We are trying to turn black Friday into grey Friday".