Italian enterprises 'ready for Industry 4.0'

Lombardy key region, Calenda plan supports growth

(ANSA) - Milan, June 9 - "Italian enterprises are ready to take up the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution," the head of the local branch Italian employers association Confindustria, Alberto Ribolla, said in discussing the Manufacturing Summit held June 6-8. "Manufacturing is a central sector for a number of reasons.
    First of all because it is in Italy's DNA but also because it produces high-quality jobs and acts as a multiplier, since for every job in the manufacturing sector, three are generated in the service one." "Protecting and fostering growth in manufacturing means generating prosperity in the territory in which it is developed," he added. Lombardy is key in this sector, he said, stressing that it produces "about a third of overall national exports" and is the most industrialized region in Italy.
    "Manufacturing in the Lombardy region in the first quarter of 2017 rose by 1.4% and a 4% annual growth has been forecast", thanks to "an improved world economy as well as measures brought in by the Italian government with the Calenda plan."