G7: 'No Summit' groups to protest Saturday

Black bloc 'infiltrators trying to stop voices being heard'

(ANSA) - Giardini Naxos, May 26 - 'No G7' protesters will demonstrate against the Group of Seven summit in Taormina Saturday afternoon, organisers of the protest march said Friday.
    "There'll be 3,00-3,500 of us and shopkeepers shouldn't be afraid, the tension has been whipped up artificially against us to shift the media attention on the empty part of the protest and not speak about the real issues: the power of the big economies, militarisation, world hunger, the death of migrants," they told a press conference.
    One of the No G7 leaders, Gianmarco Catalano, said "the black bloc are a media invention" and are in fact "infiltrators from other places, from those who don't want to let the voices from below be heard".
    On the march's security, he said "there is a protective cordon but we are not policemen, we can't stop the demonstrators."