Mafia boss gunned down in Palermo (4)

Two killers shoot Giuseppe Dainotti in head

(ANSA) - Palermo, May 22 - A Mafia boss was gunned down in the streets of Palermo Monday morning.
    Giuseppe Dainotti, 67, was shot in the head by two killers while riding his bike, police said.
    Dainotti was released from jail in 2014, they said.
    Dainotti was one of Palermo's top bosses, police said.
    A boss of the Porta Nuova family, he served time for murder and for a billion-lire robbery at Palermo's Monte dei Pegni institutional pawnbrokers in 1991.
    "I heard two shots, it was 07:50. My children had just left for school. It sounded like fireworks, they let them off at all hours around here," said a Tunisian woman living nearby.
    "I looked out and I saw a man on the ground losing blood from his head.
    "There was no one else around".
    The woman added: "Soon afterwards a boy with a blue T-shirt came, shouting 'uncle Peppino, uncle Peppino'.
    "Immediately afterwards the police and Carabinieri cars came.
    I had never heard gunfire. Once I realised a murder had been committed I was petrified".