Juncker confirms vow to rebuild Norcia Basilica (2)

Sign of solidarity from EU

(ANSA) - Norcia, March 21 - European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday reaffirmed a pledge to help rebuild the basilica in Norcia, destroyed by last year's earthquakes. Writing to local bishop Renato Boccardo, Juncker said he was "deeply convinced that the reconstruction of the Basilica of St Benedict is not only a dutiful sign of solidarity on the part of the Union towards the community of Norcia and Umbria but also an emblematic action in the need to rebuild the cultural, social and historical heritage as a premise for the full recovery of economic activity". Juncker wrote to Umbria Governor Catiuscia Marini in December confirmed that the EU executive intends to pay for the reconstruction of the church, which was destroyed by an earthquake in October, one of a series of devastating quakes to hit central Italy last year, including one in August that claimed almost 300 lives.