We'll safeguard Italy interests in UK on Brexit says Alfano

May says UK 'abandoning' EU, to build 'global Britain'

(ANSA) - Rome, January 17 - Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said Tuesday that he told British Prime Minister Theresa May last month that the government "defends the national interest, defending the presence of Italians in Great Britain" over Brexit. Speaking as May announced the UK would "abandon" the EU, quit the single market and "build a global UK", Alfano said "the United Kingdom is set to leave the Union but not Europe, there are European forums that must make us stay united on security matters." Alfano was briefing a joint session of the House and Senate foreign affairs committees on the foreign ministry's policy programme.
    May said: "at this time we are abandoning Europe and planning a biannual summit of the Commonwealth. We will build a truly global Great Britain".