CGIL leader expresses satisfaction for Court ruling

'Employment on the agenda for the first time in years'

(ANSA) - Rome, January 11 - The leader of Italy's biggest trade-union confederation CGIL, Susanna Camusso, on Wednesday said she was "satisfied" with a Constitutional Court ruling on a CGIL petition.
    "It is the first time after many years that we are once again talking about employment", she also told State broadcaster Rai3's program #cartabianca.
    Camusso expressed satisfaction when she was asked whether she was more satisfied or disappointed by the fact that the Constitutional Court on Wednesday ruled against a key petition to abolish controversial changes to Article 18, although it approved referendum questions on worker vouchers and on contract responsibilities.
    The CGIL hailed a vote to abolish vouchers, calling them the "worst frontier of job insecurity", while stressing that the referendum question could be avoided through "a legislative solution".
    The Constitutional Court ruled that the petition to hold a referendum to abolish changes to Article 18 of the Workers Statute in the recent Jobs Act labor reform was inadmissible. The CGIL trade union had presented the petition in a bid to have the limits on dismissals without just cause reinstated.