Soccer: Bologna '64 scudetto striker dies

Ezio Pascutti, 79, 'scored unthinkable goals'

(ANSA) - Bologna, January 5 - Ezio Pascutti, top goalscorer in the Bologna side that won the 1964 scudetto, died Wednesday night at 79.
    Teammate Romano Fogli said "Pascutti and (Gigi) Riva were the best left wingers in Italy. Gigi was more powerful, but Ezio was more canny: I saw him do things in the last 16 metres that I've never seen anyone do".
    Pascutti, the former midfielder recalled, "scored unthinkable goals, in all ways, many with his head, even 20 centimetres off the ground, risking to get kicked in the face, and in fact he was, a lot".
    Fogli said he had cried for two hours when he heard of Pascutti's death Thursday morning.