Two Italians injured in deadly attacks in Thailand

Dozens hurt, at least four dead in series of blasts

(ANSA) - Bangkok, August 12 - Two Italians were among dozens of people injured in a series of bomb attacks in Thailand on Thursday and Friday that killed at least four people, ANSA sources said. The two Italians were hurt in attacks at Hua Hin, one of several popular locations with tourists to be hit. They are Lorenzo Minuti, 21, who was treated for minor injuries, and Andrea Tazzioli, 51.
    "I was two metres from the bomb, near to the woman who died (there)," Genoa-native Tazzioli told ANSA after an urgent operation to remove shrapnel from his left shoulder. "I was celebrating my 51st birthday," added Tazzioli, who will have to stay in hospital for a week. "I was outside, turned towards the street. The bar owner called me inside and in that moment the explosion happened inside me".