Parent murderer says Pope Francis called him

Pietro Maso battered his parents to death when he was 19

(ANSA) - Verona, January 20 - Pope Francis has replied to a letter from a convicted double murderer, sources said Wednesday.
    Pietro Maso, now 44, served 22 years for killing his parents on April 17, 1991.
    "I was Evil with a capital E, and yet Pope Francis took pity on me," said Maso, who was released in 2013 and now lives in Milan with Stefania, his wife of eight years.
    The ex-con wrote to the pope to ask his forgiveness in 2013.
    Francis, he said, called him a few days later.
    Maso was just 19 when he donned a Carnival mask and ambushed his parents Antonio Maso, 52, and Rosa Tessari, 48, at the entrance to their home and battered them to death in order to come into his inheritance. He was aided by his friends Giorgio Carbognin and Paolo Cavazza, both 19 at the time, and 17-year-old Damiano B., all of them also donning Carnival masks.
    The four killers then left their victims in a pool of blood and went dancing at a nightclub.