Migrants' 49 bodies, 416 survivors reach Catania

Mayor proclaims citywide mourning

(ANSA) - Catania, August 17 - A Norwegian ship carrying 416 rescued asylum seekers - including 45 women and three children - and the bodies of 49 men reached port in the Sicilian city of Catania on Monday.
    The victims suffocated of toxic gas inhalation in the hold of a migrant vessel off the coast of Libya on Sunday.
    The 312 survivors of that boat were rescued by an Italian Navy patrol ship.
    A German ship rescued another 104 people off an inflatable dinghy and transferred them to the Norwegian ship, which then brought them to Sicily.
    "Catania is preparing to receive the survivors and give compassionate burial to the victims," Mayor Enzo Bianco said Sunday.
    "I have proclaimed citywide mourning Tuesday for this umpteenth tragedy, which touches the hearts of Catania's citizens".