Rome overcrowded, hard to accept more migrants, Marino warns

Says TB fears unwarranted 'layers of medical controls'

(ANSA) - Rome, August 4 - Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino said Tuesday that Rome is reaching its saturation point in accepting migrants.
    He said that Rome receives the second-largest number of immigrants and refugees among Italian cities, "but we can't welcome 18-20% of people who arrive in our country. We don't have the resources".
    Speaking to the Lower House commission on immigration, Marino said there are also concerns of overcrowding of immigrants and refugees.
    But fears of tuberculosis are unfounded, he added.
    "I raised my fears for the migrants who come from places where strains of tuberculosis resistant to antibiotics flourish," said Marino, a surgeon.
    "I have been reassured because there are five layers of (medical) control".