No-TAV activists facing further terror-related charges

Allegedly involved in bombing at Chiomonte work site

(ANSA) - Turin, December 9 - Three activists already in custody on terror-related allegations are facing further charges over protests against a high-speed rail (TAV) line being built in Piedmont's northern Susa Valley, police said Tuesday.
    The new charges, related to an attack at a TAV work site in Chiomonte in May 2013, are to be issued by the magistrate in Turin against the trio, who are said to be well-known to authorities as radical anarchists, police said.
    Lucio Alberti, 24, Graziano Mazarelli, 23, and Francesco Sala, 26 were arrested one year ago and face charges of producing dangerous weapons and carrying these in a public place.
    The new charges against them come following investigations by national anti-terrorism squads. Meanwhile, at a trial last month for four others facing similar charges following the attack in May 2013, prosecutors asked for jail sentences of as much as nine years for terrorism charges.
    Police at the time said roughly 30 hooded vandals broke into the construction site under the cover of nightfall and tore down fences and blocked machinery.
    In a nearby incident, several other activists confronted police with fireworks and Molotov cocktails.
    The incident "was an attack on the State, its choices and basic interests," prosecutors argued.
    "We must evaluate actions, not ideas," said prosecutors.
    "Like it or not...the TAV project is the economic and political choice of a democratic State".
    The high-speed rail line, which will eventually connect Turin to Lyon, has sparked years of protest from locals and other activists who denounce its high cost and damage to the environment.
    France and Italy argue it will save money and help the environment in the long run by cutting down on automobile traffic.