OECD labour spokesman says Jobs Act will boost mobility

Scarpetta says Renzi's reforms good for confidence

(ANSA) - Paris, October 10 - New measures in the Jobs Act labour reforms of Premier Matteo Renzi could help to improve efficiency in the country's workforce, a spokesman for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said Friday.
    Labour mobility in Italy is currently "quite inefficient" because people cannot easily move around to jobs that are more productive and profitable, said Stefano Scarpetta, director of the OECD's labour division.
    Contributing to the problem are temporary contracts that "trap" workers, he said in an interview with ANSA.
    The Jobs Act however should encourage mobility, added Scarpetta.
    In part, that is because it will encourage companies to offer more stable contracts and career growth prospects because the measures in the act improve employer certainty.
    Renzi's Jobs Act won a confidence vote this week in the Senate despite strong opposition from organized labour and some members of Renzi's own Democratic Party (PD).
    Many fear that measures in the Jobs Act reducing protections against wrongful dismissal will hurt workers.
    However, supporters and Renzi have said that the changes will improve certainty for business, improve confidence, and attract investment.