Two American soldiers charged with rape, beating of woman

Vicenza mayor asks Rome to ensure trials held in Italy

(ANSA) - Vicenza, July 23 - Carabinieri police arrested two American paratroopers Thursday on allegations of raping and beating a pregnant Roumanian prostitute, police said.
    The two American soldiers were identified as Gray Gerelle Lamarcus, 22, and Edil McCough, 21, who were held for questioning in the assault that occured about 10 days ago.
    Lamarcus is also accused of the sexual assault of a minor from Vicenza province. He currently is being treated at a local hospital after attempting suicide, police say.
    The two paratroopers allegedly raped and savagely beat the Romanian woman, who was six months pregnant.
    Before fleeing the two allegedly stole from the woman's handbag.
    Vicenza's mayor, Achille Variati, recently wrote to Justice Minister Andrea Orlando asking him to reject any request from the United States to allow the two American soldiers to be tried in the US.