Calabria governor steps down after abuse of office sentence

New elections mulled

(ANSA) - Reggio Calabria, March 28 - Calabria Governor Giuseppe Scopelliti confirmed that he will step down on Friday after receiving a six-year prison sentence and a permanent ban from public office for abuse of office. On Thursday judges found Scopelliti guilty of abuse of office and misinformation while serving as mayor of Reggio Calabria in events related to the 2010 suicide of a former finance manager for the city, Orsola Fallaro. The case stems from an investigation into Reggio's finances between 2008 to 2010.
    "There's no turning back. The decision has been made", Scopelliti told ANSA during a break from the Friday majority meeting discussing his resignation. "As of today, not a single piece of evidence has emerged that identifies with certainty my responsibility".
    Regional and state politicians were quick to respond to the resignation, with many supporting an immediate return to elections, including Democratic Party representative Alfredo D'Attore, who commented that "immediate elections are the only way to allow Calabria and Calabrians to take charge of their own destiny".
    "We can restore dignity to Calabrian institutions by returning quickly to the polls," said Katia Stancato, Calabria Civic Choice coordinator. Though Scopelliti has resigned he can appeal and the conviction is not definitive.