• Italy in top four 'digitally ignorant' EU countries

Italy in top four 'digitally ignorant' EU countries

Only Romania, Bulgaria and Greece worse off

(ANSA) - Brussels, December 18 - More than one in three Italians, or 34%, have never used the Internet, Eurostat statistics bureau said Wednesday. This is the worst result among the 28 EU member States after Romania (42%), Bulgaria (41%) and Greece (36%). The EU average is 21%, the bureau said. Along with Spain and the Czech Republic, Italy also scored low in terms of numbers of citizens using the Internet on a daily basis: just over one in two or 54%, against an EU average of 62% and ahead of Croatia, Cyprus and Lithuania (53%), Portugal (48%), Greece and Poland (47%), Bulgaria (43%) and Romania (32%). In addition, the so-called digital divide was reflected in terms of families' access to Internet (69%) and broadband (68%) against EU averages of 79% and 76% respectively. Just 21% of Italians use the Internet to interact with public authorities and 27% use it to file their tax returns, against an EU average of 41% and 44%. Another 15% go online to request documents and 13% use the Internet to access social services, (against 20% and 16% in the EU). More Italians went online to sign up for schools and universities, however: 21%, against an EU average of 9%.